Monday, April 20, 2015

Road Trip Tips, Pt. 2

 When we took our road trip from Michigan to southern Florida, I knew I was going to want to keep up with my workouts, so I needed to make a plan.  I managed to get in some form of exercise or another each day while on vacation. Some days were more intense than others, but it was nice to have a more relaxed attitude toward my fitness and be at peace with whatever I was able to do.

The following tips and tools are what enabled me to have fun, not stress out, and maintain a certain level of activity while traveling with my family.

1) Rest area breaks

  We stopped at several rest areas, and not just for potty breaks!  My boys and I had a great time running around rest areas and even doing some lunges, jumping jacks and squats.  It was great for them to stretch their legs and get the wiggles out, and helped me feel like I was staying somewhat active despite spending most of the day sitting.
Taking advantage of a potty stop with some jumping jacks and squats at a rest area and a Burger King

2) Hotel Fitness Centers

Confirm and locate the on-site hotel fitness center. Every time we arrived at a hotel, I found the fitnesss center right away.  That way, I'd know exactly where to go later in the evening when I'd want to jump on the treadmill.  Knowing where to go and what to expect leaves less room for excuses, if you feel like lazing out of a workout.

3) Hotel Room Workouts 

What if there is no fitness center?  This happened at one of the hotels we stayed in.  I was a little bummed to not have the option of a treadmill; but I came prepared.  I have a YouTube playlist of all my favorite Tone It Up workouts that don't require any equipment, making them perfect for a hotel room sweat sesh. I simply woke up before everyone else in the morning, pulled up my workout on my tablet, and did a HIIT routine in the dark!

If you want to check out these awesome workouts, you can find my playlist here:

4) Fuel for success

 As I mentioned in my "Road Trip Tips Pt. 1" post, the food we ate while on the road helped me feel energized and light, unlike some of the options of travel food (aka, fast food).  Help your body and your mind connect in a way that makes wanting to stay active more effortless by feeding it right during and after your travels.

5) Keep it Practical!

While on vacation, I prefer to keep moving!  We like to do a lot of walking around whatever city we're in, and a beach day is a great way to move and groove in the water or run around like a maniac in the sand. Visit a local zoo or botanical garden to make a day of being on your feet while enjoying the local offerings of nature.  Try to Incorporate some light cardio into your day-to-day activities in practical ways and you'll feel more satisfied with your activity level at the end of the day, even if you were unable to fit in a serious workout. 

In summary...

Vacation can make it more challenging to work toward your fitness goals, but I really enjoyed taking that challenge and finding creative ways when need be to get in my workouts.  My family (as always) was super supportive and that is always incredibly important!  I'm grateful to them for not being annoyed by my jumping around in our hotel room at 5:30 in the morning, or dissappearing for a while for my evening run. 

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