Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Big Life Changes

I've always considered myself easily adaptable to change. 

Growing up the daughter of a career military dad, I learned early on from multiple moves that change is inevitable, but not to be feared. I didn't love every move we made, and I didn't always go quietly - but I learned from those experiences that growth and new blessings can come from change. 

Moving, getting married, having babies, changing churches, making new friends....none of these things have ever made me queezy or nervous or worried. 

Until this year.

Six weeks ago my family moved from our long time home in Grand Rapids, Michigan to North Carolina. We sold our house, I quit my job that I had just started and really loved, said goodbye to all our family and friends and set off on our greatest adventure. 

Four days before leaving on this adventure, we got some pretty exciting news. 
Baby number three was on the way. (more on this wild surprise in an upcoming blog post)

The variety of emotions I have felt since all of this took place is completely ridiculous. I have felt levels of excitement, worry, sadness, joy and gratitude that I have never felt before. Oh, and also nausea with intermittent bouts of insatiable hunger. But I'm pretty sure that's just the pregnancy talking.

We've all heard people say they hate change,or fear change, and maybe you're one of those people - but I could never relate. 

I get it now. 

I'm glad we're here. We felt, and still feel like this was the best move for our family. But that doesn't make it easier right now, when I want to share our new baby with family, and friends we've known for years. We need to find a dentist. And a dog groomer. And our new favorite burger joint. And don't even get me started on the search for a new church. There is so much. 

What I'm beginning to see is that the blessing is in the challenge. The hard work in starting over is an opportunity for us to grow together as a family, for Dan and I to grow as a couple. I can also feel my gratitude growing each day for what we have, and the people that God has already placed in our lives here. 

Our day to day here looks entirely different than it did six weeks ago. The boys go to a year round school that starts an hour later each morning, and they now ride a bus to and from school. We hibernate through July, and most likely August, because you step foot outside and melt into a puddle from the humidity. We have neighbors down our whole street and beyond with kids the boys' ages and have been loving this new kind of friendship and daily social interaction with our community. Between the State Recreational area near our house, the beach and the mountains and downtown Raleigh, there is so much here to explore and we've only just begun!

North Carolina is hot, and far away from Lake Michigan, and my kids' grandparents, and everything that's been familiar to me for the past 16 years. But it's also beautiful, and new, and exciting, and our new home. And I'm grateful. 

If you are reading this from Grand Rapids, know that you are missed and prayed for daily. 

If you are reading this from North Carolina, thank you for welcoming us so warmly (no pun intended ;)). 

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