I'm a Tone It Up girl!

Following the Tone It Up system since January, 2014 has changed my life.
You can read more about that here

Here I will post my weekly workout schedule. I make a new schedule every Sunday and will include links to any routines that are available online.

My routine consists of 3-5 miles of daily cardio, and anywhere from 20-40 minutes of strength training.

BC = Booty Call! This is the Tone It Up term for getting out of bed first thing in the mornig and working that booty! If I get my cardio in in the morning, I've set myself up for an awesome day full of motivation and good choices.

Weekly Workout Schedule August 31 - September 5

Afternoon: Piyo Sweat

Afternoon: Piyo Core

BC: 3 Mile Run; Thailand Tush Workout
  Afternoon: Piyo Buns

BC: Bikini Yoga
Afternoon: Piyo Drench

BC: Kettletoning
Piyo Rest Day

BC: 2 Mile Run; Piyo Strength Intervals

BC: Piyo Sweat
Afternoon: Power Incline Walk, at least 4 miles

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